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For Players and Managers:

Local Playing Rules
ARLL Local Rules Baseball FINAL 2014

ARLL Local Rules Softball FINAL 2014





2015 Spring Season

Board Meetings
All meetings are at 
7pm at Camelback
Christian Church
Next Meeting Dates:
Jan 13, 2015
Feb 9, 2015
March 9, 2015

Registration Date

Tryout Date One

January 17th, 2015
8:00am to 12:00PM
Ingleside Middle School

Tryout Date Two

January 24th, 2015
8:00am to 12:00PM
Ingleside Middle School

Draft Dates and
Managers Meetings
Feb 3rd, 2015 / 7:00PM
Camelback Christian Church

Feb 4th, 2015 / 7:00PM
Camelback Christian Church

Feb 4th, 2015 / 7:00PM
Camelback Christian Church

Feb 5th, 2015 / 7:00PM
Camelback Christian Church

Season Dates

March 16, 2015

March 21, 2015
8:00am to Noon

All-Star Commitment Forms & Manager Nominations Due
Mid-April 2015

All-Star Voting
Monday thru Saturday
May 2015

9 and up
May 2015

8 and under
May 2015

Champions Tournament Begins Minors, Majors, Baseball & Softball
May 2015
Minors Softball and Baseball Championship
May 2015
Majors Softball and Baseball Championship
May 2015

All-Star Practice and Tournaments
Throughout the Month of June
and possibly July 2015


Registration is Open Online Through Tryouts
Tryout dates are Saturday, Jan. 17th and Saturday, Jan. 24th

If you've registered online but haven't come to our past walk-in dates to complete your registration, please come to one of our two tryout dates to complete the process.  We'll be completing registrations for all age divisions at the tryout dates.  Remember, you MUST show birth certificate, three proofs of address or record school attendance FOR YOUR REGISTRATION TO BE COMPLETE.
Tryouts for the following BASEBALL draft divisions are mandatory and will be held at Ingleside Middle School
Boys Farm AAA (8 yr olds) 8am South Field
Boys Minors (9 yr olds) 9am South Field 
Boys Minors (10 yr olds) 10am South Field
Boys Majors (11 yr olds) 11am South Field
Boys Majors (12 yr olds) 12pm South Field
Boys Juniors (13 and older) No Tryout Required
Baseball tryout age is based on the League eligible age by April 30
Lower divisions (7 years old and younger) are not required to tryout

Tryouts for the following SOFTBALL draft divisions are mandatory and will be held at Ingleside Middle School
Girls Minors (9 yr olds) 9:30am East Softball Field
Girls Minors (10 yr olds) 10:00am East Softball Field
Girls Majors (11 yr olds) 10:30am East Softball Field
Girls Majors (12 yr olds) 11:00am East Softball Field
Softball tryout age is based on the League eligible age by December 31
Lower divisions (8 years old and younger) are not required to tryout

How the tryouts work
If your player is in one of these divisions, they must attend ONE of these tryouts. It doesn't matter which one they attend as long as they attend ONE. Registered players will be evaluated by the managers and coaches in their division. All players are assigned to a team roster regardless of skill level.

The tryout is one player at a time. The actual tryout time per player is roughly 3-4 minutes. Each child starts in the outfield where they will field fly balls. Then they go to shortstop and field grounders. The next stop is the pitcher's mound to pitch and lastly they hit and run the bases.

The order of check-in determines a player's order in the tryout. Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your players tryout time so we can stay on schedule and get everyone done as quickly as possible.


How to Apply to be a Team Manager
Applying for a Manager position is a two-step process. First, you must go to the Volunteer Section and select the playing division in which you wish to participate. Once the Volunteer form is complete, you will then need to fill out the Supplemental Manager Application. This detailed PDF application is required for all Managers. Once complete, it is then emailed to the League at All Managers are reviewed by the Vice President of Baseball and Softball and approved by the Arcadia Little League Board. Prior experience is not a prerequisite, especially for the lower divisions. We highly encourage new Managers and Coaches to get their start at the T-Ball and Farm division levels.



Pre-register Online for the 2015 Spring Season for all Baseball and Softball Divisions
Here are some helpful registration tips to keep in mind:
+ Check the boundary map on the Registration Page to make sure your residence falls within the Arcadia Little League District. THERE ARE SEVERAL ELIGIBILITY EXCEPTIONS in areas that do not offer SOFTBALL or BASEBALL in local Little Leagues, or if you’ve lived within our boundaries and have recently moved. Select a waiver request in these cases as you complete the online registration process.

Arcadia Little League WELCOMES ALL SOFTBALL PLAYERS even if they reside outside of our boundaries as long as your local LL does not offer Softball.

New LL eligibilty rule allows all individuals who attend a school within the ARLL boundaries to play with their classmates.

Start the pre-registration process by clicking on one of the pre-registration division links for Baseball, Softball, T-Ball located on our Registration Page.

After you’ve pre-registered and paid online, print out your email receipt and bring it to one of our upcoming TRYOUT DATES and COMPLETE your registration by showing original birth certificate, school attendance record and/or three proofs of residence. We will have a registration table at both tryouts handling all registration verifications and questions you may have.

Marucci Graphic

Arcadia Little League and Marucci Sports team up for Showcase Days
We have been presented with a special opportunity from Marucci Sports. For those of you unfamiliar with Marucci, they are the #1 provider of wood bats to the Major Leagues and are used by more MLB players than any other bat on the market. They have expanded their product line to cater to all levels of baseball and now provide a wide variety of apparel and baseball gear including: gloves, aluminum bats, batting gloves, helmets, travel bags, and backpacks.

Marucci Sports has offered to “Team Up” with Arcadia Little League. The “Team Up Program” will provide a 20% discount on sales to all families who purchase through the Arcadia Little League website. In addition, Marucci Sports will donate 10% of all sales to Arcadia Little League.

We will have Showcase Days set up with Marucci Sports where you can come and demo all their new gear and apparel. Former MLB Baseball Player and new Arcadia resident, Geoff Jenkins, also Partner in Marucci Sports, will be present to answer any questions on all available products. This is a great opportunity to support and raise money for your Arcadia Little League. Please come out and join us for Showcase Days and CLICK HERE AT MARUCCI SPORTS for all your 2015 purchases. We thank you for your participation in the “Team Up Program” and your commitment to improving our Arcadia Little League.

Marucci Showcase Days

1st Registration Walk-in Day – December 6th | 8am-11am
2nd Registration Walk-in Day – January 10th | 8am-11am
1st Tryout and Late Registration – January 17th | 8am-12pm
2nd Tryout and Late Registration – January 24th | 8am-12pm


6 fields 
   Arcadia LL Field Locations: Ingleside Middle School / Camelback Christian Church / Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center


9/10 AZ District 6 Tournament: Arcadia Wins First Championship

For Arcadia Little League (ARLL)  it does not get much better than this!  ARLL was the tournament host for both Arizona District 6 9/10s Baseball and 10/11s Baseball.  With first year President, David Davis, at the helm both tournaments ran flawlessly and  both ARLL's teams entered the Championship game(s).

ARLL beat a determined Fountain Hills team 13-1.  Although the final outcome was by more than 10 runs, a full 6 innings were played as that margin was not achieved until the top of the 6th and the game was much closer than the final score would suggest.  It was ARLL's first championship in the 10-year history of Arizona District 6 9/10 Baseball Tournaments.

ARLL will now move on to the State Tournament which is being hosted by District 3.  Details for that tournament are found at

Congratulations Arcadia and best of luck at the State Tournament.


Arcadia LL 10s Champs2



10/11 AZ District 6 Tournament: Arcadia LL Wins District 6 Title in Convincing Fashion

ARLL beat a McCormick Ranch (MRLL) team, who fought its way all the way back out of the elimination bracket after an opening game loss. On this evening, ARLL was just too much for MRLL as ARLL scored early and often to win 22-3. It was ARLL's 3rd championship in this division in the 8-year history of Arizona District 6 10/11 Baseball Tournaments. ARLL will now move on to the State Tournament which is being hosted by District 5 in Tucson.  

Details for that tournament are found at AZ District 5 .

Arcadia LL 11s Champs2

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